How do I find the model number for my Coleman-Mach Air Conditioner?
A question we often get asked is "Where can I find the model number for my Coleman-Mach AC or heat pump?"

The identification of model and serial numbers for Coleman®-Mach® rooftop air conditioners involves a dual placement on each unit, serving distinct purposes. For comprehensive troubleshooting of air conditioning issues, it's beneficial to have access to both the rooftop unit's details and those pertaining to the ceiling assemblies.

Often times the unit's model number can be discovered by removing the interior ceiling grill (when available). After removing the ceiling assembly, the model number of the AC can be seen on a sticker on the lip of the return air. 
Model number shown on the interior after removing ceiling assembly.

Standard/Medium Profile Units - MACH SERIES

Common Units: TSR, Mach I, Mach 3+, Mach 15, 48XXX Series, 8XXX
Upon the removal of the shroud from the unit, the rating plate becomes visible on the side of the air conditioner that corresponds to the driver's position. 

Low Profile Units - MACH 10 SERIES

Common Units: Mach 10, 45XXX series
By removing the shroud from the unit, you will discover the rating plate situated on the driver's side of the air conditioner. 

Ultra-Low Profile Units - MACH 8 SERIES

Common Units: Mach 8, 47XXX series
Post shroud removal, direct your attention to the top of the evaporator cover. There, the rating plate is prominently positioned, facilitating the identification process.


Upon the removal of the shroud, locate the rating plate situated between the evaporator and fan motor. The visual reference provided serves to elucidate this location.

In addition to these physical locations, it's noteworthy that coach manufacturers frequently incorporate the AC model number within the documentation accompanying the coach. This supplementary inclusion aims to provide a convenient reference for users seeking information about their Coleman®-Mach® rooftop air conditioner.