Due to MANUFACTURER SUPPLY chain issues, most Coleman-Mach UNITS, PARTS AND ACCESSORIES are on a nationwide backorder at the manufacturer level. Please see our FAQ for additional information. All backorders are shipped on a first come, first serve basis.


  1. Coleman-Mach Rooftop AC Model Numbers Decrypted

    We often get questions similar to the following from our customers:

    "Why did you send me a 47204-076 when I ordered a 47204B876?"
    "I have a rooftop model 48204A879, what can I replace this unit with?"

    Let's see if we can help clear a few things up about these often confusing model number differences.


    What do the model numbers mean? 

    Historically, the manufacturer uses the characters in a model number to decipher the specs and oftentimes indicate vendors of parts used inside that particular unit. The chart below

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  2. Shipping via "Freight"

    All rooftop & basement air conditioners we ship via "Freight", specifically "LTL Freight". 


    What is "LTL Freight"?

    LTL stands for "Less than truckload". Shipping via "Freight" means to ship over the road via semi-truck/trailer.


    Why ship via freight? 

    Due to the size, shape, and packaging of the units, they must be shipped on a pallet to avoid damage. The lightest units that we ship are close to 100lbs and are not packaged by the manufacturer to be protected on all sides. When shipping via normal parcel services (such as UPS ground, FexEx group, etc), packages tend to end up in all positions and are commonly tossed around. Since these units have no protection or packaging support on the tops and sides they end up being destroyed 99% of the time when shipped. For these reasons, the units must be shipped via freight.

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