REFURB Coleman Mach 3 PLUS 13,500 BTU air conditioner 48203C966 48203R966

This unit is a manufacturer refurbished unit that comes straight from the manufacturer. Refurbished units are in "Like New" condition. Refurbished ACs come with a 1 year parts warranty from the manufacturer. Refurbished units ship within 5 business days.
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This unit is a manufacturer refurbished unit that comes straight from the manufacturer.  Refurbished units are in "Like New" condition. Refurbished ACs come with a 1 year parts warranty from the manufacturer. Refurbished units ship within 5 business days.


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The Coleman®-Mach® 3 PLUS™ is one of the best RV air conditioning values available. It features a large evaporator and condenser coils with raised lance fins to help dissipate heat, has a solid 13,500 nominal BTU cooling capacity, and delivers 320 CFM (cubic feet per minute) airflow.


This unit is a replacement for the following models:  8333-871, 8333-876, 8333-877, 8333A871, 8333A876, 8333A877, 8333B671, 8333B676, 8333B677, 8333C871, 8333C876, 8333C877, 8333D876, 8333D877, 8333E856, 8333E8564, 8333E876, 8333E8764, 8333E8766, 8332-897, 8332-896, 8332-891, 48203-866, 48203A866, 48203-876, 48203A876, 48253-866, 48253A866, 48253B866, 48203B876, 7333C881, 8333b6665, 8333-8664, 7333C861, 7333D861, 7333D881, 8333E7564, 7333D871, 8333E756, 7333A871, 7333-871, 48253C966, 8333D8564, 7333A8664, 7333A886, 6759-707, 8333A8715, 8333B8669, 8333B8664, 7333A888, 8333D856, 48203B866, 48203B866, 48253-866, 48253-876, 48253A866, 48253A876, 48253B866, 48253B876, 48253C966, 48263-876, 48263A876, 48263B876, 48263C966, 6759A723, 8333B6714, 7333A887, 8333C8664, 7333C8664, 7333D8664, 7333C866, 6759-723, 7333B881, 7333-797, 7333-7974, 7333-863, 7333-8634, 7333-866, 7333-8664, 7333-867, 7333-8674, 7333-881, 7333-8812, 7333-8814, 7333-8815, 7333-882, 7333-8824, 7333-883, 7333-8833, 7333-8834, 7333-8836, 7333-886, 7333-8864, 7333-887, 7333-8873, 7333-8874, 7333-8876, 7333-888, 7333-8884, 7333A697, 7333A6974, 7333A797, 7333A7974, 7333A866, 7333A867, 7333A8674, 7333A881, 7333A8812, 7333A8813, 7333A8814, 7333A8815, 7333A8816, 7333A882, 7333A8823, 7333A8824, 7333A8826, 7333A8863, 7333A8864, 7333A8866, 7333A8873, 7333A8874, 7333A8876, 7333A8883, 7333A8884, 7333A8886, 7333A897, 7333A8974, 7333B697, 7333B6974, 7333B797, 7333B7974, 7333B866, 7333B8664, 7333B867, 7333B8674, 7333B8812, 7333B8813, 7333B8814, 7333B8815, 7333B8816, 7333B882, 7333B8823, 7333B8824, 7333B8826, 7333B886, 7333B8863, 7333B8864, 7333B8866, 7333B887, 7333B8873, 7333B8874, 7333B8876, 7333B888, 7333B8883, 7333B8884, 7333B8886, 7333C697, 7333C6974, 7333C797, 7333C7974, 7333C867, 7333C8674, 7333C8812, 7333C8813, 7333C8814, 7333C8815, 7333C8816, 7333C882, 7333C8823, 7333C8824, 7333C8826, 7333C886, 7333C8863, 7333C8864, 7333C8866, 7333C887, 7333C8873, 7333C8874, 7333C8876, 7333C888, 7333C8883, 7333C8884, 7333C8886, 7333D866, 7333D867, 7333D8674, 7333D8712, 7333D8713, 7333D8714, 7333D8715, 7333D8716, 7333D872, 7333D8723, 7333D8724, 7333D8726, 7333D876, 7333D8763, 7333D8764, 7333D8766, 7333D877, 7333D8773, 7333D8774, 7333D8776, 7333D878, 7333D8783, 7333D8784, 7333D8786, 7333D8812, 7333D8813, 7333D8814, 7333D8815, 7333D8816, 7333D882, 7333D8823, 7333D8824, 7333D8826, 7333D886, 7333D8863, 7333D8864, 7333D8866, 7333D887, 7333D8873, 7333D8874, 7333D8876, 7333D888, 7333D8883, 7333D8884, 7333D8886, 7333E8873, 7333E8876, 8332-896, 8332-897, 8332B891, 8332B896, 8332B897, 8333-866, 8333-8664, 8333-871, 8333-8712, 8333-8714, 8333-8715, 8333-876, 8333-8764, 8333-8766, 8333-877, 8333-8774, 8333A866, 8333A871, 8333A8712, 8333A8714, 8333A8715, 8333a8764, 8333a8774, 8333A8766, 8333B666, 8333B6664, 8333B66P, 8333B6762, 8333B6764, 8333B6766, 8333B6774, 8333B67P, 8333B67P3, 8333B871, 8333B8714, 8333B876, 8333B8764, 8333B8766, 8333b877, 8333B8774, 8333C866, 8333C8665, 8333C8714, 8333C8764, 8333C8766, 8333C8774, 8333D666, 8333D6664, 8333D671, 8333D6714, 8333D676, 8333D6764, 8333D6766, 8333D677, 8333D6774, 8333D866, 8333D8664, 8333D871, 8333D8714, 8333D8764, 8333D8766, 8333D8774, 8333E776, 8333E7764, 8333E7766, 8335-8966, 8333-896, 8333A8664, 6759E707, 6759B707, 6759D707, 8333B676, 6759-808, 6759A707, 6759R707, 6759C707, 8333C8769, 7333B876, 6759-807, 6759C705, 6759-727, 6757D707, 8333B6769, 48253B856, 6749R707, 8333B6669, 7333C876, 7333A8874 

Some old models listed above require modifications before replacing.  If unsure, contact us for more info.

Additional Info

Additional Info

BTUs 13,500
Heat Strip BTUs 5,600
Electrical Rating 115 VAC, 60Hz, 1 Phase
Full-Load Cooling Amps 15.3
Full-Load Heating Amps 16
Standard Running Watts 1,650
Running watts w/ heat strip 1,800
Evaporator Air Delivery CFM (HIGH) 320
Color White
Condensate Pump No
Heat Pump No
Power Saver No



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